Family Rituals 2.0

Family Rituals 2.0 was developed during an EPSRC ‘Creativity Greenhouse’ held in July 2012 with the key theme of ‘achieving work/life balance in a digitally dependent world’. During the greenhouse process, the research team identified the daily rhythms and behaviours of family life, namely family rituals, as key features of prosaic family experience that may come into conflict with workplace demands, especially in the digital era of being on-line or contactable at any time. It was felt that in efforts to support work-life balance a deeper understanding of the evolving nature of family rituals within the digital age was required.

This research has at its focus one aspect of work-life balance: work that involves a physical separation of an individual from their families and home for extended periods of time.

The aims of Family Rituals 2.0 research are to:

1. Understand the domestic rituals people share and the values they place in them

2. Understand how existing technologies are being used to support in engagement in family rituals for mobile workers

3. Explore existing technologies that facilitate ritual activity, as part of work/life balance

4. Produce speculative designs around the novel reconfiguration of existing technologies to support domestic rituals

5. Understand how simple technologies can support inclusion in domestic rituals.

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