Prolonging working life through ICT: the role of crowdsourcing, 3 Mar 2016

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3 March 2016,  (approximately) 10am-4pm

University of Warwick



One day seminar exploring how crowdsourcing is enabling people, especially older workers, to remain part of the labour force. Find out more and register your interest, or contact the organisor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The development of a fast and reliable internet, new technologies, new online payment systems and changes in work structure have driven a shift to new forms of labour exchange such as the outsourcing of work online or ‘crowdsourcing’. The one day seminar will explore how crowdsourcing has changed the boundary between work and home, enabling older people to remain part of the labour force and perhaps achieve a new work-life balance. This will provide a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange between academics, policy-makers and key stakeholders in the industry around evaluating and supporting this opportunity to extend working lives through ICT.

The aims of the seminar are to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary dialogue by bringing together key stakeholders to debate issues of work-life balance, crowdsourcing and prolonged work life
  • Contribute to future research that would examine crowdsourcing from a worker perspective to inform policy.

The seminar will:

  • Examine if, and how, crowdsourcing has changed the boundary between work and home;
  • Explore current understandings of the role technology can play in achieving and/or disrupting work-life balance;
  • Identify enablers and barriers to engaging in internet-enabled work and achieving a balance;
  • Determine whether opportunities for paid work through crowdsourcing platforms offer a way to achieve a better balance in a prolonged working life.

This seminar will provide an opportunity to review and critically evaluate current understanding, policies and practices around crowdsourcing. It will contribute to the development of robust, evidence-based approaches to how internet-enabled labour exchanges can contribute to the achieved of work-life balance in prolonged working life. Overall, the objective of the seminar will be to promote new thinking and stimulate new research agendas around technology enabling work-life balance. The seminar is organised around a number of short presentations and interactive discussions.

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