Material Desires: Design-Led Explorations of the Home/Work Divide - Workshop, 17 Feb 2016

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 17 February 2016

10:00 - 14:30


University of London


This design-led workshop explored technologies that blur the separation of home and work life, aiming to identify themes that have implications for gender politics, as the management of domestic space and family life is still largely perceived as a feminine concern. webpage and blog detailing the activities and outcomes of the Workshop are available.

Attendees worked together to produce design proposals that give materiality to gender differences in the ways we use technology for separating or integrating home and work life. Using sketches, collages, or low-fidelity modelling, these might have dealt with the complex interweaving of identities (e.g. as worker and mother), while others might have addressed the ways we use the same technologies for work, socialising, domestic planning and play.

Researchers and practitioners from Design, HCI and the social sciences participated in this event, which was thought-provoking, stimulating and fun.  Please contact p.yurman 'at' to learn more.



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