Report from ‘Always On’ seminar, 15 May 2015 - implications for work life boundary management over the life span

The second BPS-funded seminar on the implications of the ‘always on’ culture explored the ways in which individuals use technology across the lifespan. The seminar, hosted by Almuth McDowall and Gail Kinman at Birkbeck, brought together researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to explore how people use technology for work and leisure, how they manage work-life boundaries, and the implications for balance, wellbeing and job performance.

The keynote speaker was Professor Ellen Ernst Kossek of Purdue University in the USA who presented the findings of her research on flexstyles and the implications for boundary management. Professor Gillian Symon of Royal Holloway School of Management and Dr Rebecca Whiting of Birkbeck reported findings from their EPSRC-funded Digital Brain Switch project. Jonathan Fenn and Danny Kay from Ofcom presented an overview of the findings of their Digital Day survey: an in-depth study of the media and communications activities of 1644 UK adults and children over a seven-day period. The final talk, by Professor Monique Valcour, of EDHEC Business School in France, highlighted the benefits of mindfulness practice as a way to achieve balance in an ‘always on’ world. More information can be found here.


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